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Spending weeks on end in the New Zealand mountains you soon miss the comforts of having warm dwelling to pass the cold nights away.

By the end of winter 2017 and having spent the best part of 12 weeks living from a tent in below zero temperatures I decided I needed solution. I was absolutely sick of having to go to bed at 6pm purely to get in the sleeping bag to warm up.

As soon as the hunting season finished I got busy researching and writing ideas down. What I really needed was a some form of a portable hut. A setup that I could use a fire in and was strong enough for mountain hunting base camps but was still portable enough to put in the truck, jetboat or helicopter. 

So with that I spent months designing and building prototypes and set about testing, testing and more testing. Before long I had a tent that worked and was a pleasure to hunt out of.  A 25kg warm portable hut..

and Missing in Aotearoa was born... 

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